This Hate Crime in Argentina Will Not Go Ignored

In the early hours of morning on October 11, 2015, Diana Sacayán, a celebrated trans activist was murdered in her apartment in the Flores neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her killer, Gabriel David Marino, stabbed her over 20 times in what witness reports called something out of a “horror movie” according to Spanish media outlet Agencia Presentes. She had been handcuffed and after being killed they covered her with a mattress.

Sacayán was 39-years-old and had worked more than half of her life toward the securing of rights for the trans community which included the fight against many violent and criminalizing crimes. She was one of the promoters of the gender identity law, the creator of the transvestite [transgender] labor quota in the province of Buenos Aires, a member of the Sexual Diversity Program, an activist in the struggle for right of trans people, secretary of the Association of Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals of Latin America (ILGA-LAC) and leader of the Anti-Discrimination Movement of Liberation (MAL).

Marino, 25, began trial accused of homicide through gender violence, hate of gender identity, and treachery. Investigators believe a second person was involved in the murder, but no one has been identified.

This week, Marino was sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime against Sacayán. The verdict deemed the murder a hate crime with meditated gender violence. This is a historic verdict for Argentina as Marino is the first criminal brought to justice for trans crimes.

Sasha Sacayán, the victim’s brother, shared:

This is a paradigm shift. It is the best outcome we could have had. It is the first time that Justice is done for a transvestite [transgender individual].

In the courtroom were friends and family of the slain Sacayán including her mother.

h/t: Agencia Presentes


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