This Irish Street Proposal Warmed Our Hearts


We’ve got your daily dose of sweet with this proposal video.

The below video is making the rounds thanks to news coverage by Queerty and Irish LGBTQ news source GCN. The video starts by showing one man handing his partner a bouquet of roses. His boyfriend then smiles as the man fiddles with grabbing a certain box from his jacket pocket. The unidentified man then gets down on one knee.


While on one knee, the proposer asks for his lover’s hand in marriage. He then gives the mic over and receives a quick and resounding “Yes!” What made the moment even sweeter was the fact that the two were surrounded by complete strangers. Wonderfully, this crowd of passerby applauded the two and showed joy and support for this moment of love.

Not much is known about the above video. The displayed scene appears to have happened in mid-October. In addition, the original poster shares that she just stumbled on the moment while walking along Henry Street in Dublin, Ireland. That said, we, unfortunately, don’t have more information about who the two men are.


What we do know, however, is that this moment shows the joyous change of LGBTQ life in modern Ireland. The country has seen a great difference in its treatment of LGBTQ people in just the past two decades. Gay sex was decriminalized in 1993. That said, the country then quickly picked up the pace with LGBTQ rights. Now, Ireland is regarded as one of the most liberal and LGBTQ-inclusive countries in the world. In fact, Ireland was the first country to legalize same-sex marriage through a popular vote.

With all of that in mind, seeing such a loving crowd surrounding the gay couple is no surprise. As some commenters on Twitter noted, this couldn’t have happened only a few years ago. But in today’s Ireland, this display of same-sex love is both sweet and inherently normal.

Sources: Queerty, GCN

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