This Is The ‘Modern Family’ Reunion We Have Been Waiting For

Mitch and Cam are back together again! Well sorta kinda in a cute roundabout way. Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet, the two actors who played gay dads Mitch and Cam on the beloved sitcom Modern Family reunited for a coffee hangout.


Stonestreet, 50, posted a video of their meet-cute in New York City to his Instagram. The video posted on Tuesday, March 8th has already garnered over 354,000 likes! Judging by some of the comments, this is the reunion we didn’t know we needed but are so happy we got,

“This makes me so happy” – addieandgeorgecorgis


“You are hilarious and I love you both with the intensity of a thousand suns.” – misscatlady


“All time favorite couple” – lozanova.tsv


“That literally gave me tears, you guys are awesome!” – ultraspeed_ghost


“Cam and Mitchy-Pritchy somethings take up so much room in our hearts…..” – thecreativestreak


Followers got to see the two longtime friends hug upon their first meeting in over two years, as Stonestreet says in the first video. The second video at the end of the post has an unseen narrator shouting out,

“That’s the red-headed guy from Modern Family!”


Check out the video and some more photos from their smile-inducing get together, 

Modern Family ran for 11 seasons ending in April 2020. It won five consecutive Emmy awards for  Outstanding Comedy Series. Both Ferguson and Stonestreet were nominated for multiple Emmys for their roles with Stonestreet taking home the statue twice.



We leave you with one of our favorite Mitch and Cam moments. The happily married couple are waiting for their plane to take off, and pop a sleeping pill. Only the plane gets grounded and the two must navigate the airport. “Whose dog is this?”




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