“This is the Moment That’s Gonna Come Down in My Scrapbook” 

While competing on Food Network’s Spring Baking Championship, Dennis Van took a moment to open up to his family, and to host Molly Yeh about his authentic self. 

thedennisvan – that face you make when you realize it’s premiere day for a new episode 🤩

In the most recent episode of Spring Baking Championship season 8, the Austin, Texas executive pastry chef paused in the middle of working on a blood orange curd to share with Yeh “something unexpected” about himself.   


He shared: “I’m not out to my parents. They don’t know I’m gay, but I’m not hiding it from them, but I’m not also fully embracing it, either.” 

To which Yeh replied: “They’re (Van’s parents) watching right now, and you just came out!” 

“Yeah,” Van replied with a smile. 

“Dennis, I’m really honored that you chose this moment to say this. Thank you.” Yeh said later. 


In an interview filmed for the show, Van went into the details of why he chose to come out in this moment. 

He shares: “I’ve embraced this whole new culture of acceptance, and this is 100%, fully authentic Dennis to the tee.” 


Back in the Spring Baking Championship kitchen, while working on his dessert, Van said: “I know they’re not gonna change how they feel about me or anything like that, it just — when the moment feels right, it feels right, and this is the moment that’s gonna come down in my scrapbook for years to come.”   

We’re all for people living their authentic self and coming out at a time that feels right for them. Happy for you, Dennis! 

PS: We’re not the only ones! 



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