This Isn’t a Good Look for the Popular Festive Retailer

Photo Credit: Fairness West Virginia

Strike Back Studios, Hideout Pictures and Particular Crowd recently announced a Spirit Halloween movie currently set to star Christopher Lloyd and Rachael Leigh Cook. Now, it looks like people will buzz about the costume retailer for a different reason.

A lawsuit filed by Fairness West Virginia and victim Trevor Anderson alleges that the store manager of the Charleston Spirit Halloween became verbally abusive and aggressively hostile to Mr. Anderson back in October 2021. The incident occurred after Anderson attempted to return a gender-fluid ‘Clue’ inspired Halloween costume he purchased the day prior. When he spoke with the manager, Thelmon Penn, he was rewarded with, “Maybe you shouldn’t be trying on women’s clothing.”


When Trevor attempted to continue his return, Thelmon became more irate. According to The Daily Beast, the plaintiff was called a “fucking pussy” and a “fucking faggot,” and when asked for the manager’s name so he could call corporate, Trevor was told “get out, I’m not giving my name to a faggot.” That was when Trevor gathered his belongings and tried to make a swift exit.

However, Thelmon wasn’t about to let Trevor leave without a fight. Literally. Trevor called his boyfriend, Jonathan Periera, who was at a nearby DMV. When both men attempted to leave in their car, the Spirit Halloween manager burst through the parking lot shirtless and allegedly started screaming at the couple and threatening to fight them. Trevor and Jonathan were able to escape with a mild beating to their trunk.

Trevor finally found the courage in March to sue Spirit Halloween for the harassment and potentially violent assault that he received in October. Trevor is suing for pain and suffering, as the traumatic event has caused panic attacks, fear, and personality changes. Luckily, this is a clear violation of West Virginia’s Human Rights Act.

Spirit Halloween has yet to take any action or comment on the situation.

It’s sad to see that queer people still aren’t safe everywhere in America.

Sources: WV Gazette, The Daily Beast

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