This Lifesize Novelty Item Will Make You Gag!

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Sure, a “novelty” item. Is that what we’re calling fake dicks these days? I have two novelty items in my drawer right now!

Gag gift business Dick at Your Door is in hot water once again, now that local politician Linda Parks is suing the company because she received a life-sized chocolate dick in the mail. The California native is suing for lost wages, the psychological counseling she was forced to seek after the traumatic event and for the costs of the court case. According to Vice, Parks is stating that the combination of my two favorite things caused her fear, nervousness, anxiety and loss of dignity.


This is the second time┬áLinda Parks has received a chocolate cock in the mail. The first present was received in 2021, presumably from an angry citizen of Ventura County who was tired of Parks being an opponent of COVID-19 mask mandates. Dick at Your Door, who is supposed to send gag gifts made in jest, utilizes anonymous features to keep the buyer’s identity secret from the recipient. However, if their involvement with a buyer becomes illegal – stalking, harassment, etc – then they could be forced to give up their patron’s ambiguity. As Parks is a semi-frequent “victim,” this could be an example of that rule.

I can’t wait to see how this one plays out in court, if it even makes it there. In a post #metoo world, the lines between humor and sexual harassment are certainly blurred, and while it may be a slight over-reaction on her part, I can see how Linda may find receiving a 5-inch chocolate penis to be uncomfortable. Now, imagine it was a 10-incher! That would be a jaw breaker!

Dick at Your Door also offers a bag of gummy dicks, glitter bombs and endless sound greeting cards. Hop on over to their website and sign up for the newsletter to receive 20% off your first item!

Sources: Vice, Court House News

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  1. Maybe since she’s seems to have received more than one of these because of her job. Maybe she should find another job.


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