This Man Just Became The First Openly Gay Mayor In All Of Israel

Israel now has its first openly gay mayor.

Specifically, the city of Ra’anana has just elected a gay mayor, which also happens to make him the first openly gay mayor that the country of Israel has ever had.

“I feel there is significance that another glass ceiling was shattered, showing the progress in Israeli society,” Eitan Ginzburg told The Jerusalem Post 

41-year-old Ginzburg started his first day on the job this past Sunday, but this isn’t his first time being in a political position, Ginzburg spent 15 years on Ra’anana’s city council and six years as a deputy mayor before he took the official title of mayor.

It was the city council who elected him into the position after Ze’ev Bielski left the position to lead the National Housing Authority.

Unfortunately, this means that Ginzburg is just an interim mayor until the municipal elections in October. Then, he will have to run for the position again.

In addition, support from religious/politcal officials isn’t necessarily implied for the following election in the fall, but Ginzburg isn’t worried. He’s just feeling the high of being elected this time.

Plus, Ginzburg is honored to be placed in the position now, even if he doesn’t win the election later this year. He’s especially pleased that he was selected based on his experience and merit.

“It felt normal because I was chosen because of my work,” Ginzburg said. “I am happy the fact that I am gay did not stop me from getting elected with the support of the Bayit Yehudi. I was chosen not because I am gay and not in spite of it, but because of the work I have done.”

Plus, Ginzburg is being recognized across the globe as both the first gay mayor in Israel and as the younger mayor working in Israel at the moment. He, his partner of 15 years named Yotam, and his twin children named Itai and Emma are honored to have so much praise being sent their way.

“I still haven’t understood I am an example internationally,” he said. “But I’ve started receiving letters from around the world. I am a regular guy with emotions, feelings, and views, and I don’t feel special in any way. I just see this as a message that there are no limits to success if you work hard.”

h/t: The Jerusalem Post

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