This Man Was Denied From Adopting A Cat Because He’s Gay

Alex Andreou (Facebook) & Twitter Screenshot

Meet Alex Andreou. Alex is a writer and actor who wanted to adopt a cat.

As Alex states on a tweet that is currently going viral, he was on his way to adopt a cat that desperately needed a home… when a homophobe attacked.

If you want enlarged versions of the pictures, you can find them below.

Apparently, to the “owner” of the cat, being gay is so sinful that it can get in the way of taking care of a defenseless creature.

And as sad as the cat owner is, so too was Alex’s ride home after being denied his potential pet.

 But, luckily the good side of twitter was there to support him in his time of need.

And, even better, it turns out Alex knew a friend who lived near the disgusting woman denying him and the cat their happy life together. That friend offered to pretend to adopt the cat in Alex’s stead.

But, that's when things got a little weird, because it turns out that the friend was rejected by the woman too. That's when Alex started to suspect foul play (or rather, fouler play than just homophobic trolling).

That's when Alex decided to confront the woman behind it all.

Sadly, Alex Andreou never got a cat from that woman, but he didn't let that stop him. See, Alex decided to turn his misfortune into someone else's lucky day. Because, not only did Alex end up adopting a cat somewhere else, but he ended up adopting two.

Bless the good side of the internet for showing us the humanity left in the world. And bless Alex for doing the best he could in a stupid situation.

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