This Monk Isn’t Feeling Very Enlightened After Being Busted

A Buddhist monk was arrested recently for allegedly smoking meth and having gay sex parties in his room at the Miaoli Chongfo Temple in Taiwan according to Vice. 29-year-old Master Kai Hung also film some male-on-male sex videos that were seized during the investigation along with two USB drives containing over 200 gigabytes of pornography, 19 grams of amphetamines, smoking pipes, erection meds, condoms, anal relaxants, and—here’s the kicker—a bottle of lube labeled ‘holy water’.


I guess that's one way of achieving enlightenment.

Previous behavioral issues caused Kai to be expelled from the Tongshan Temple in September, but he relocated to Chongfo and soon after began throwing sex parties.




Footage of the videos made by Kai were released by Taiwanese media outlet Mirror Media where the monk can be seen engaging in drug use, rolling around in bed with other men, and sweating profusely while laughing hysterically. He claims that the videos were released by someone from the Tongshan Temple as part of a smear campaign to tarnish his name. As it turns out, the videos were sent to authorities by another monk at the temple who had been in a relationship turned sour with Kai.


Kai is being charged with violating the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act. He admits to engaging in drug use and having sex with other men, but claims he did not give others drugs. Kai was released on $4,000 AUD ($2,922 USD) bail. This case is still under investigation.

h/t: Vice, Mirror Media

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