This Nashville Pastor Probably Won’t be Preaching to Youth Ministries Anytime Soon

A pastor from Nashville, Tennessee is under arrest after an investigation that included the accusations from at least eight children who say the church leader abused them. Matthew Dennis Patterson, 45, who goes by the cute name of ‘Denny’, has allegedly been involving children in sexual acts for the last 20 years as pastor at Nolensville Road Baptist Church.

During his time as pastor, Patterson was also against an anti-discrimination bill that was considered by the Metro Council that protected jobs and housing for the LGBT community. A pervert and homophobe.

According to Tennessean, Patterson asked children, primarily boys, to sit on his face and his stomach while in only their underwear. The six-month investigation led authorities to discover the acts date back as far as 1998—but it is likely that there are many who have not or will not come forward. Police anticipate more names to be added to the list of victims.

Patterson left Nolensville Road Baptist Church abruptly on September 24th with no suspicion of there ever being anything wrong. He allegedly moved to Pittsburgh to retire and be closer to family. The following day they learned of the disgusting acts of the person who was spreading gospel to the South Nashville congregation.

Church member James Thomas provided a statement:

We here at Nolensville Road Baptist Church want to let our community know that the sinful actions of one man does not reflect upon the church as a whole. We remain committed to truth, transparency in all our operations, and for the care and support for the victims and family who have been victimized by the alleged perpetrator.

Our hearts grieve for the families involved.

Patterson is being held on a $100,000 bond and has been indicted on eight counts of aggravated sexual battery.

h/t: Tennessean, Twitter

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