This Tragic Mike Video Has Us Cringing!

Images: TikTok @raneishakirksey3

Tragic Mike is the perfect name for this sad video thread.

A certain stripper is trending on TikTok and Twitter after people got a look at his dancing skills. And, unfortunately, they weren’t impressed.

The trending moment began when the TikTok account @raneishakirksey3 posted videos of herself and her friends sitting around a personal strip performance. According to videos she’d posted earlier, the group had arrived in Las Vegas for vacation. They then decided to enjoy one of the common sources of entertainment in the city. But, again, they ended up not liking what they paid for.

In the series of videos, we see the women sitting around the stripper. Some of them are recording the performance on their phones, some are looking at their phones as a distraction, and absolutely all of them look disappointed with their stripper.

The series of TikTok videos have garnered a lot of attention with a collective 914K views. The videos then found their way to Twitter with user @chris_notcapn captioning the first video, “When you order a stripper off Wish.”

Several commenters then joked about the stripper, whose now nicknamed “Tragic Mike.”

Even news sources like E! News joined the conversation.

Of course, there were also some commenters who defended the stripper and pointed out the cruelty in mocking the man online.

Though, many countered that the lackluster performance deserved critique at the very least. Flailing hands is one thing, but next to no eye contact? A phone call stopping the music? Almost no engagement at all with the clients for that matter? This was messy AT BEST!

But maybe he just needed the right kind of client to hype him up and pass the vibe check.

What do you Instinct Readers think? Is this stripper a Tragic Mike/Tyler or just a guy who needed a little more support?

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  1. They were to patient. If he was at my party it would go like this, skip the bullshit, get undressed and put your cock in my mouth. Gays don’t mess around.


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