This Trans and Pansexual’s Blind Date was Adorable!

The day of love is upon us, so instead of moping in our own singledom, lets read the heart-warming story of Laylah and Kyle, two individuals who appeared on Ireland's 'First Dates' last night.

Laylah, a trans woman under the name David at the time of the date, was understandably nervous. "It's very weird to have someone hate you for no reason", talking of her struggles. "I'd change society" she responded when asked what she'd like to change about the world to make her life easier.

Needless to say, Laylah and Kyle hit it off right away, getting deep into the topic of transitioning and sexuality. Kyle himself hadn't had the easiest time prior to the show either, revealing to Laylah he had suffered from cancer at 17.

Twitter users flocked online to show support, with one user writing "Pleasantly surprised with how #FirstDatesIRL has brought attention to all sexual preferences".

See how the date went here

Definitely a progressive step in the right direction for media representation!

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