This Week’s Instinct Insta Hottie, Jordan Miller, Will Make You Sweat

Our Instinct Hottie of the Week is Jordan Miller, a 30-year-old Las Vegas native that has a passion for music and CrossFit. He’s a cutie with a booty living in Sin City and at 5’5” Jordan is proving that this little spit fire packs a punch. Eat your hearts out!

When he’s not working out, Jordan can be found glued to the computer typing away as the owner of his own music site,



What are you currently listening to? Drop me a line in the comments

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Get to know Jordan Miller with this exclusive interview as our Hottie of the Week:

What do you love the most about living in Las Vegas? 

I love that Vegas has become one of the music capitals of the world. Most people think of Vegas and immediately the neon lights and partying on the strip come to mind, but the city has so much more to offer – hiking, sports, community, togetherness. The way it's blossomed – especially in the last year – is really special.



Where are you originally from? 

Vegas 🙂

What is your occupation? 

I own and operate BreatheHeavy is a breaking music news website now, but that’s a relatively new evolution.

Before Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube dictated how we listen to music, before we could hop onto social media and connect with our favorite artists at an instant, there was BreatheHeavy. It originated in June 2004 as a fan-site about THE princess of pop, Miss Britney Spears, to bridge that gap for fans. The website documented her highs and lows through superstardom for 10 years before breaking into music journalism beginning in June 2014.



What are you currently listening to? Drop me a line in the comments

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That marked a key and monumental shift – a transition to cover all music events. It’s an extraordinary task to inform readers of the biggest breakout stories on the daily, but it’s what we live for. Music is the pulse of life, and BreatheHeavy is a vein to the source.

What do you do for fun/hobbies?

My other passion in life is CrossFit. I train 5-6 times a week at WADBOD CrossFit (I actually moved two years ago to live closer to the box). CrossFit is such a beautiful sport because it allows me to push mind, body and spirit to places I never knew I could take it. The high-intensity workouts are similar to a play in that there's highs & lows, drama, surprises and interesting characters you meet along the way. In The Open last year (a world-wide competition) I placed in the top 10%, something I consider one of the greatest achievements of my life.



Breathe deep. Lift heavy. : @foxyphotographylv

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Something interesting about yourself you've never told anyone:

I eat an entire pizza every Saturday. Without fail. 

Can you tell?



Rinsing off 2017 like

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What/who inspires you?

The love my parents have for one another inspires me. They recently celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary, and it's a powerful reminder that love is enduring, complicated, beautiful.



Running into 2018 like ~ : @justdennys

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Single/Taken/It's complicated?

Single. Womp.


*Wears winter clothes for one week*

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What do you look for in guys?

I look for honesty, intelligence, wit, drive and a willingness to better themselves mentally, physically and spiritually.






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Anything else you'd like to share?

My biggest wish in life is to inspire people to be greater, faster, stronger, healthier, smarter and more confident than they ever knew they could be. It's easy to live comfortably, but that's not what life is about. It's about seeing how far you can go, and hope that along the way people appreciate that self-determination and strive for that as well. That's what makes the world a better place, but it has to start within yourself first.



Man of the woods

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