Thor’s Hammer Isn’t the Only Big and Hard Thing to Show Off

Photo Credit: Chris Hemsworth in New Line Cinema’s Vacation

Kids’ Choice Award? MTV Movie Award? People’s Choice Award? Teen Choice Award? Nah, you’re never going to guess what actor Chris Hemsworth keeps on his mantle next to Thor’s Hammer. And it may or may not make you a bit horny!

According to Oscar winning special effects and makeup artist Matthew Mungle, Hemsworth keeps his prosthetic cock from 2015’s Vacation next to Thor’s Hammer. Who could ever forget that magical scene when Hemsworth, donning nothing but a pair of boxer briefs, enters his brother in law’s bedroom with a huge dick poking down his leg? No, really. Who could forget? And, hey, even if you did, I’m obviously going to include it below because don’t we all deserve a second look?


While speaking with ITV’s This Morning on May 16th, Mungle gave a very in-depth interview into his experience working behind-the-scenes of major motion pictures – which somehow cascaded into his experience making prosthetic genitals. Although his name is currently making the rounds because of this interview, Mr. Matthew has worked on huge productions including American History X, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, The Hangover 3, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Schindler’s List

Mungle told the This Morning hosts, “He is so proud of it. Production gave it to him in a shadow box and he put it on his mantlepiece with his Thor hammer.” 

Do you wish you could take a look at Hemsworth’s fake dick?


Watch the entire crazy, hilarious and mouthwatering interview below.

Sources: Digital Spy, Manchester Evening News 

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