Thoughts On John Travolta’s Hunky New Protector: YES PLEASE!

Still frame/ Bear Carnival Facebook

Nobody was happier than me to see John Travolta finally ditch those toupe’ things he had been sporting over the years. He is a beautiful man with those gorgeous blue eyes that can still mesmerize, and now that he’s rocking the sexy bald head, he’s once again registering high on the Mybabydaddy-o-meter.

That said, recently, a video surfaced of a man who is reportedly John’s new bodyguard, and all I know is Woah! If that’s John’s bodyguard, I’m about to go to Los Angles, buy me one of those questionable Star Maps, make my way to John’s mansion, and jump out of the bushes just so that big a** Brutus-from-Popeye-look-alike-contest-winning-bearded-daddy will tackle me! Yea, it’s THAT serious.

The video shows John sharing a moment with the press from behind an airport fence. Many of you may or may not know John is an accomplished, licensed pilot with his own jet and runway airstrip, like in his own backyard or something. In this video though, it appears he may be in Australia as he makes a reference to having first visited the area with Olivia Newton-John after the filming of Grease.

Anyway, in the video, as John walks to the fence with his entourage, the bodyguard walks alongside him like a towering mountain of manliness, bucked and ready for some ish to go down at any moment so he can guard John’s body! Not a bad gig at all.

Thanks to our friends over at Bear Carnival on Facebook for posting the video, and I’d like to give a special shout out to John Travolta’s tight denim jeans. Lookin’ good there John, very good indeed!

3 thoughts on “Thoughts On John Travolta’s Hunky New Protector: YES PLEASE!”

  1. Miss T is a very crafty and VERY wealthy woman!
    We knew a sister who worked with her on Staying Alive and said Miss T is a very nasty unpleasant queen but does have sizemeat!

  2. Hi guys! Bear Carnival team here 🙂 Thanks for posting. John Travolta is in Adelaide (Australia). This was just after he landed his private jet yesterday and went to say hello to his fans. Video was taken and edited from Channel 7’s YouTube page.


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