Three Beloved Characters Return on the Latest ‘Will & Grace’

Will & Grace gave us quite a surprise on their latest episode, as not one, not two, but three beloved characters from the original run came back which led to both storylines doing very well this time around.  

Joe and Larry, Will & Grace's most noted "couple" friends since the shows original inception, are back and all these years later are still doting over their daughter Hannah, who just entered college.  This of course annoys the hell out of W&G as they can't stand going through the endless amounts of photos that J&L have.  Larry gets very emotional about Hannah leaving, as they are empty nesters now, which Grace tries to solve by hiring him at her design firm.

The other storyline revolves around Jack getting a job being a Lyft driver, and using Karen's expensive car in the process.  Right as he's pulling out of the sidewalk, someone jumps onto the front of his car, and its none other than Val, played hilariously by Molly Shannon.  If there is one character I was looking forward to seeing back on the show at some point, besides Beverly Leslie, it would definitely be Val as Molly is downright hysterical as everyone's nutty neighbor.

Larry starts to side with Will on everything while working together, which frustrates Grace tremendously.  Then, all of a sudden, Larry goes off on how he's not that happy with Joe anymore and that he's fallen in love with Will, which causes Grace to hysterically spit out her powdered donut.  Then, Grace fires Larry as a way to keep them apart, which after a ton of miscommunication, Will finds out that Larry is in love with him in a very funny way.

Of course, it looks as if Val is trying to scam Karen out of money as she's done to others in previous episodes, and tries to kidnap Jack who is onto her about the whole situation.  After revealing a massive shrine to Karen in Val's closet, it turns out that Val didn't really want her money, just her friendship.  

Quotables from "There's Something About Larry":

"Pretending to care about something, when you wanna kill yourself, is what a human being does."

"You should've told me that janitor was deaf before I recommended that podcast to him!"

"Now, take me to Jewdorf Goodman you big, mincing butt pirate!"

"Take it easy, Olive Garden."

Larry: "I've been faking my orgasms!"

"He has a big ass and can't cook.  Sorry, Grace."

"You wanna go beyond the wall and see the White Walkers?"

"I heard the same thing on FOX News, so you know it's a fact."

What did you think about last night's Will & Grace?

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