Three Bros Try To Ease Our Election Madness

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Tom, JT, & Strider Stripped Down To Jockstraps And Ran Around Los Angeles To Raise Spirits

As we all are on pins and needles waiting for the results of the United States 2020 Presidential Election results, there’s nothing more than we need than a huge distraction. While most of us have likely set our eyes on election coverage, nail biting, binge eating and drinking, or perhaps found a new book or television series to dive into – three Los Angeles guys decided they want our attention instead. In order to give some a laugh or maybe a… umm, rise, they decided to drop trou and run through the streets.


Podcast and internet hosts, who also claim themselves to be activists, Tom Allen and JT Parr, along with their friend Strider Wilson ran through the streets of Los Angeles in jockstraps. Allen and Parr’s podcast, Chad Goes Deep, which is somewhat of a parody of the California-surfer-bro stereotype, is much popular than anyone who isn’t familiar with them could imagine. Their zany, goofy antics have gotten them nationally recognized: They’ve had featured spots on television shows like The Ellen Show and are currently developing an animated series for streaming giant, Hulu. They sincerely want to make us laugh and their activism is more for peace and love rather than a political agenda or forced narrative. They even were handing out masks amid the pandemic to the mask-less! Modern day Robin Hoods, basically. The creative duo proclaim their activism raises “stoke” which can simply be put as a good vibe. Certainly, with their latest publicity stunt, everyone is getting stoked.

If you’re living in Los Angeles, you’ve been pretty nervous not just for the election results, but knowing that all buildings and establishments are

boarded up. The bros realized this and decided that they wanted to diffuse everyone’s anxiety with one of the only ways they know how: To get in their underwear! The three friends remained socially distanced, wore masks, and took off throughout the city ass out. They were interviewed by news anchors and asked police, who were prepared for unrest, to join them. Hilariously, they are recognized by some fans and pushed off by police. They were met with some hate, of course. Someone was chasing after the guys with a belt or bat and a group of women called them privileged. While their stunt is up for debate on if it was socially smart, it’s not bad to get a distraction from some guys bouncing around in jockstraps.

Don’t forget to check out the video where the bros bare their…souls for us to watch.



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