Three Cheers For Gay Facebook Trolling Trump Supporters

Screenshot via Facebook & Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

You have to appreciate a well-executed plan.

According to the Guardian, thousands of Trump supporters found themselves a part of a Facebook group called “Gay Communists for Socialism” after the group they originally thought was pro-Trump changed its name.


These Facebook users initially joined a group called “Stop the Steal,” which was focused on the conspiracy that Joe Biden and the Democratic party are “stealing” the US election. Keep in mind, the Trump administration has yet to provide evidence for this claim. In fact, one Pennsylvania postal worker admitted that he was paid by Republicans to lie about the conspiracy.

Then this past Friday, November 6th, 40,000 members of the group found out that the online group page was changed to “Gay Communists for Socialism.” As you can imagine, this caused a major uproar.

“What happened to stop the steal?” one Facebook user asked.

“Get me off this page!!!!!” another demanded.


“We had no idea it would take off like this or suck in as many clueless people as it did when we made the switch,” one of the group’s administrators, who confessed to making the group as a planned operation to troll Trump supporters, told the Guardian. He also shared that the group has received 20,000 additional member requests since making the name change.

After the group and its story started to hit news sources, Facebook started receiving several complaints about the content within the group. As one other administrator noted, some of the Trump supporters stayed after the switch and reported the liberal/progressive content posted within. Unfortunately, that led to Facebook eventually deleting the group.

“We’ve removed several clusters of activity for using inauthentic behavior tactics to artificially boost how many people saw their content,” a Facebook spokesperson confirmed in an email to Mashable. “That includes a Group that was originally named ‘Stop the Steal’ which later became ‘Gay Communists for Socialism’ and misled people about its purpose using deceptive tactics.”

Source: The Guardian, Mashable,

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