Three Gay Men Are Fighting for Family Equality

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What defines a family? It’s a topic that found renewed interest in recent years. As society has progressed, we can now acknowledge family units outside the norm of mom, dad and children. A single mother and her children are a family. Two men and their dogs are a family. A guardian and the child they took in are a family. Friends living together in a home are a family. So, obviously, we can look collectively at three men and a baby and say without a doubt that they are in fact a family. But is this sentiment shared by the United States government? 

According to an article published by in July 2017, 12 states in the country allow for more than two signatures on a birth certificate. It stands to reason that this number has improved in the last five years. This is perhaps how a gay couple consisting of three men were able to adopt their child in 2017 with each partner being legally recognized as father. Take that, gay history! I don’t wish to call them a “throuple” as most sources do because, in my opinion, that makes their relationship a punchline instead of a committed partnership. Polyamorous is more respectful. 


Mitch and Benjamin Rolam, both age 37, and their partner Ben Rodriguez, age 35, are hoping to become the second gay couple to have three parents listed on a birth certificate or certificate of adoption. Mitch and Benjamin have known each other for 12 years, per The New York Post, and they met Mr. Rodguez, age 35, in 2018. With such a long history of love already, there’s no doubt that their daughter will be showered with enough affection to last a lifetime. 

When the polyamorous couple first started the adoption process, only four applicants were interested in interviewing them due to being gay AND in a multi-partner relationship. The three future-fathers took matters into their own hands and launched their own website and marketing campaign in hopes of finding further potential children. Their efforts paid off and the three dads are now raisin a 1-year-old baby girl named Tegan, who was born last March. 


Ben, Ben and Mitch are hoping to become fathers again in the future via surrogacy. With the housing market in Los Angeles being so high, I’m glad they have three incomes coming in to support multiple children! I kid, I kid. 

Being that gay history was already made in 2017, I don’t think the trio will have a difficult time getting the extra name added to the birth certificate or certificate of adoption. Still, I wish these gentlemen all the luck in the world as they continue to expand their happy family.


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