Three Guesses Why We Love This New Pants Ad

Screenshot via Twitter / Image via Raffy Ermac

Well, that’s one way to sell pants.

Michigan-based clothing company State & Liberty recently released a new campaign for its pants. And, it got the internet’s attention.


Now, we have talked about America’s butt and Instagram butts to the end of the world and back. But have we ever talked about Hockey Butt?  The topic came up in our minds after State & Liberty used NHL player Dylan Larkin to sell their Stretch Dress Pants. What’s great is, the video really depicts the stretch and comfort of the pants… by having Larkin giving us his posterior on full display.

We have to wonder what it was like to be in that recording. Imagine being there when Larkin just literally squatting in front of a camera team and showing his butt for the world to see. Meanwhile, there’s a camera worker who has to get all up close and personal with the athlete.


Or even better, what was it like in the meeting room when this ad was pitched to corporate suits and eventually to Larkin himself? Those must have been interesting sights.

Of course, we’re not the only ones who had their attention grabbed by Larkin, his poses, and the video advertisement as a whole. Many others on the internet had a thing or two to say about the video.



But in the grand scheme of things, it looks like State & Liberty did a great job marketing their product. As… interesting as it is, it did get people talking and writing about the pants. So, it’s a win for them. Now, can they show us some more Hockey Butts?

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