Throwback to Club de Cuervos, Joaquín Ferreira, and His Appendage

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For today’s throwback, we would like to thank Netflix for creating a Spanish-language original series. They did so in a big way back in 2015 when they released Club de Cuervos, not only giving us the a reason to bone up on our Spanish, but also giving us a ton of nudity, especially from the above pictured Joaquín Ferreira

Joaquín Ferreira explained that he felt a lot of responsibility when he was told he got the part of Potro because 50 different countries would be watching and spilled the beans on what it was like to film his now famous full-frontal scene on the Netflix series.

“To be an actor means to be able to undress without a problem,” he explained. “My body is a tool for work and I had no shame in doing it.” 

The show’s producer, Luis Gerardo Méndez, told E! Online that he knew from the moment he met Ferreira that he was perfect for the role.

“I was sure that his character had to be a sex symbol that would keep all the women and gay men stuck on the television screen and when he entered the room I knew,” Méndez said. –

Club de Cuervos and Joaquín Ferreira’s member made more sexiness (and nudity) and queerness on other Spanish-language series like Elite and The House of Flowers (The House of Flowers is Back and More Queer Than Before!). Leading to the creation of these new series was great since Club de Cuervos will not have a 5th season. is also a fan of JF and JF Jr, and has compiled a 10-item list as to how Club de Cuervos has kept our blood pressure high and our pants tight. We can only share two of the 10 visuals here, the other 8 are very NSFW, but head over to the OMGBlog space to see them all. 

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10) Alosian Vivancos teased his peen and breathtaking bod in a leopard print thong. Rawr!

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6) Oh, and make sure to take in alllll of his bawwwwdy! Joaquín was in peak physique while filming Club de Cuervos.

Of course most of the the overly yummy scenes on Club de Cuervos have a tendency to happen in the locker room. The site seems to be a fan of JF and JF Jr as they have shared with us all the revealing still shots and he Pornhub footage of one of the most mouth watering scenes we’ve had the pleasure of viewing on Netflix. Scan to the bottom of their page … you’re welcome.

We hope you didn’t mind the throwback, but we wanted to thank Joaquín Ferreira and his appendage for its help in making Netflix be a little more free flowing which may have paved the way for shows like Elite and The House of Flowers.

Just Some Pics…

Joaquín captured our attention with is full figures, shapes, and forms back in 2015, as seen in this first Instagram post…

But he’s kept his appeal and maybe even added to it.  Here’s some of our favorites from @soyjoaquinf .

Flip through the pics on this one and you’ll see he knows how to handle the fake appendages (a dildo), too

Not only does he look good in his ink, flip to the second part of the Instagram post below to see him take a try at creating skin art.

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