Viral TikTok Shows Shirtless Man’s Failed Pride Flag Theft

Image via TikTok @leftovergains

A circulating TikTok video shows one teenager’s poor attempt at stealing a lesbian couple’s Pride Flag. And we’re sure that teen is now regretting the decision.

“Kid tries and fails to steal my Pride flag,” wrote TikTok user @leftovergains top caption a video of the moment.

The moment happened in Phoenix, Arizona, according to the TikTok user. The home, which belonged to her and her wife, was visited by a young man who wrapped a pink bandana around his head as a poor attempt at a mask.

But while the teenager was unprepared, the lesbian couple were every bit as cautious. They had secured the flag with carabiners and screwing posts. Plus, they also installed a ring camera to catch any possible crimes.


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In the short video captured by the camera, we see the teenager struggling to remove the flag from his post. After about ten minutes of pulling, he decides to run away. But, he’d already been caught by the recording.

@leftovergains later explained that the carabiners were why the young man could not remove the flag.

“A couple people have asked me how I’m hanging up my Pride flag right now and it’s real simple,” she explained. “On the other side of the garage door I just have carabiners and a pair of screwing posts.”


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The video has gained over a million views and several more comments about the teenager’s failed attempts.

“Imagine being this bothered,” one commenter wrote, “THERAPY.”

“I feel embarrassed for him,” wrote another.

Though, @leftovergains, who regularly uploads fitness videos, made sure to stop anyone who made jokes about the teen “pulling like a girl.”


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