TikTok Star Chris Olsen Posts Pics of Kissing Meghan Trainor’s Brother

Chris Olsen has the internet curious whether or not he has a new beau, after he posted a series of photos, including some snaps of him kissing Meghan Trainor’s brother, Ryan Trainor.

On March 12, the TikTok star shared several photos from his vacation in Sydney, Australia, and on the caption, he wrote:

“Australia u were so good to me.”


The first photo is an eye-catcher itself, as it is of Chris and Ryan sharing a kiss and hugging each other while doing the BridgeClimb in Sydney. Aside from that, two more pics of them kissing were included along with some more of his photos with Meghan and her family.

Their second kissing photo features a progress pride flag in the background, and the third one shows Chris getting cozy with Ryan, who was all smiles in the pic. Dropping the said photos here:

(c) Instagram: @chrisolsen
(c) Instagram: @chrisolsen
(c) Instagram: @chrisolsen

Being besties with Meghan, Chris has also done several online content with Ryan, including appearing on the Trainor siblings’ Workin’ on It podcast. Not to mention, he previously posted a TikTok video, saying that Ryan was “single, and he is for the girls!”


@Ryan Trainor is Chris Olsen approved

♬ original sound – not chris olsen


Despite the photos of them kissing, one could only assume if Chris and Ryan are really in a relationship… Thoughts?

Source: buzzfeed.com

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