TikTok User Trolls Anti-LGBTQ Congresswoman At An Atlanta Airport

When they go low, we go high – unless you actually come face-to-face with a real life villain in an Atlanta airport. Then, we sort of go medium. That’s exactly what one TikTok user did when they decided to troll Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) as they found themselves standing next to the COVID-19 conspiracy theorist at an airline baggage carousel.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (L), TikTok User Eva Baker (R) / Credit: Wikipedia, Instagram @_EvaBaker



TikTok user Eva Baker recently found herself standing next to Greene at an Atlanta airport. Greene was noticeably the only person in sight in the video that was not wearing a mask, despite federal regulations requiring passengers to wear a mask amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Greene, a COVID-19 conspiracy theorist has been the center of controversy surrounding her stance on the coronavirus (and also for her appalling behavior towards school shooting survivors and the LGBTQ+ community). In a video recorded in Alabama on July 23, the anti-LQBTQ Congresswoman was seen telling her supporters to shoot vaccine workers. She also accused Dr. Anthony Fauci of sending money to a “Wuhan lab” to fund the creation of the COVID-19 virus.


While two wrongs certainly don’t make a right, Baker decided to give Greene a taste of her own medicine – public trolling. In the video, you can hear Baker making remarks to antagonize Greene, while having her phone’s camera pointed directly in a mask-less Greene’s face.

“I just love voting in Georgia for Democrats, that way we don’t have to get the nasty COVID spread to us”.

-Eva Baker


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While Baker received some backlash for intentionally trolling a member of Congress, she doubled down on her decision by pointing out some of the egregious acts Greene has committed.

“You say that I shouldn’t disrespect this woman because I don’t agree with her views, but isn’t that exactly what she did when she harassed and followed a teenager who survived the Parkland school shooting and called him a coward?…

Not to mention this is the same woman who has racked up over $60,000 in fines for refusing to wear a mask in Congress even though she’s unvaccinated”.

-Eva Baker

According to the House of Sergeant at Arms, Greene has been observed on at least 22 separate occasions, refusing to wear a mask which resulted in violation fines. While I do believe protecting your inner peace should always take precedence, I certainly won’t judge (nor condemn) anyone who chooses to troll a member of Congress who disregards federal regulations and has repeatedly claimed that the Sandy Hook Elementary School and Parkland High School shootings were fake.

Troll responsibly kids. Eva Baker, I applaud you.

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