TikToker’s Sex Ed Video Ends With Firefighter Rescue

Image: TikTok @sydneysomethin

Well, that must have been awkward.

A 27-year-old woman from Ann Arbor, Michigan had to call firefighters after her sex advice video recording went wrong.


According to PennLive, TikTok user Sydney Jo creates TikToks talking about and educating others on sexual acts and fetishes. In a recent video, Sydney created a video to demonstrate the fetish of being stuck. You know, the “stuck in a wall, stuck in a washing machine, etc.” trope that’s taken over porn companies.

But unfortunately for Sydney Jo, the demonstration got a little too real for comfort. While the TikTok user thought she could easily get out of the chair she shimmied herself into, she was sadly mistaken. That led to firefighters on Engine 1-6 responding to a call about a person stuck in a chair around 5:10 pm on June 8.

According to Chief Michael Kennedy of the Ann Arbor Fire Department, requests to help people get unstuck are “not unusual.” Though, usually, it involves a child.

Ever the smart TikToker, Sydney recorded the firefighters’ attempts to get her out of the chair. This includes the use of bolt cutters and the “Jaws of Life.” But, thankfully, Sydney Jo did not sustain any injuries. And, she got a viral TikTok video out of it.



The video showing the firefighters’ efforts has already collected 8.1 Million views. The 27-year-old later posted a second video explaining, in her own words, how she got into the chair incident.

“My whole TikTok is basically sex work and giving sex work advice, specifically online sex work,” she said in the video, “and ‘stuck’ is a fetish category that I’m pretty popular in and done for about nine years now. I was just working, and yeah, it was my job. I was literally just working.”

Being a good sport about the entire situation, Sydney explained that she thinks the incident and video are funny despite also being embarrassing.



“OK, I’m going to address this super fast because I get a lot of these,” she said in another video. “Yes, I tried getting out the same way I got in. No, I have no idea why I couldn’t get out the same way I got in. It just didn’t happen and I don’t have a better answer than that.”

She then added, “It was embarrassing, but probably the best stuck video I’ve ever made.”

Source: PennLive, The Blaze,

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