Tim Farage Linked Gay Anal Sex As Cause For Monkeypox Outbreak

Employment at a prestigious university, does not a smart professor make. And this one faculty member at The University of Texas at Dallas (a school ranked as one of the best and most safe schools for LGBTQ+ students), is proving that there’s some truth to that. Timothy Farage, a professor at the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, thinks that homosexuals need to be “cured.”

Professor Timothy P. Farage / Credit: cs.utdallas.edu

The professor has found himself under investigation after tweeting an ignorant and homophobic message, linking homosexuality to the widespread of monkeypox. Immediate outraged ensued, with the University receiving multiple complaints about Farage’s behavior.


In the now deleted tweet, Farage referenced the monkeypox outbreak in New York City, with 95% of the patients being men. And because of that, he attributed gay men having “anal sex” as a factor of such high case numbers — very misleading information.

Credit: Twitter/timfarage

Although Farage insists that he’s not homophobic, the Rainbow Coalition — a LGBTQ+ student organization at UT Dallas, demanded the University take immediate action. The organization has declared Farage’s actions as harmful, homophobic, spreading misinformation and says the professor has a history of showing hostility to the LGBTQ+ community.


Upon receiving such complaints, the University has issued a statement saying that the incident and Farage were under investigation.

“We take this matter seriously and that the statements by this individual do not reflect the core values of our institution.”

-Statement from The University of Texas at Dallas



Farage however decided to throw the rock and hide his hands. In an interview with WFAA-TV, he claims that he is not homophobic. He says that he only suggested “we find a cure” for homosexuality because monkeypox is “mainly spread by men who have sex with other men.” He also suggested that doctors explore testing fetuses for homosexuality in the womb. But he wants to let it be known that “he’s no doctor.” But an actual medical professional, Dr. Philip Huang, the director of the Dallas County Health and Human Services — has assured people that monkeypox is not a sexually transmitted disease. Anyone can contract the virus. He also informed the idiotic professor that testing fetuses for homosexuality in the womb, is simply not “possible.”

“There’s nothing about being gay or having sex with men that uniquely causes monkeypox.”

“[And on testing fetuses for homosexuality] That is not… possible.”


-Dr. Philip Huang

Timothy Farage’s Twitter account appears to now be deactivated. The investigation is ongoing, in the meantime the University has offered the students the opportunity to take classes with another professor.

Here is KWFAA-TV‘s coverage of the professor and his hateful tweets.

Source: New York Post , WFAA

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