Time To Find A Web Series To Get You Thru Winter? Try One Starring Matt Dallas.

Now that The Walking Dead, Once Upon A time, and other shows we plop down to watch nightly are on winter hiatus, is it time to find some web series that we may binge watch while traveling home or just filing in that free time on those wintry nights?

Here's one for your consideration starring Matt Dallas, fellow LGBTer and best known for playing the title character on the ABC Family series Kyle XY.

If you love Regency era English literature, Back to the Future, and Matt Dallas shirtless, odds are you will get a kick out of the new web series Anne and Jake.

Centered on a ‘crackpot’ inventor (Dallas) who idolizes Doc Brown from the Back to the Future franchise, Anne and Jakes explores what would happen if said oddball scientist accidentally brought a headstrong woman from early 19th century England who feels out of place in her own time, Anne (Victoria Bullock), into the present day.

The show also features a healthy amount of Matt Dallas wearing nothing but his skivvies.

Bullock, who also created Anne and Jake, says of the show, “I hope people take away from the series that it’s okay if you don’t fit in and everyone finds a place. The crux of the story is about ‘belonging,’ for both of them.”

Dallas adds, “Anybody who has ever felt like they wanted something different than what was expected of them is really going to love this show.” – towleroad.com

I'm not sure about the English Lit, but Back to the Future and Matt Dallas, clothed or unclothed, I'm there.

For your viewing pleasure, here's the first episode.




You can watch the other 3 of 4 episodes of the show that have been released so far by going to the Anne and Jake YouTube page here.

Will you be a fan?


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