Time To Get Serious About Your Profile Pic. Professional Tinder Headshots?

Is it time to take your online dating profile picture a little more seriously?

How many times have you seen a profile pic and you cannot tell if it's the guy's arm or thigh.  There's the guys that try to show their fun side by posting their Snapchat dog ears and tongue pic.  And of course there are the faceless wonders.  I was home in Maine for the holidays and one guy hit me up saying "long time no see."  My response to his blank and pic-less profile was, "no, I see a lot of guys with no faces all the time on here."  Ever get a message from a bottom that showed you his ass?   Pretty confusing.

I put out there what I want to get back.  I throw a head shot into the mix sporting a smile and yes, I'm the one that types into the byline "no face pic = no chat."   Is that so wrong?  Not for me.  I hope you're sitting down, because I have some other shocking news.  I actually fill out the profile.

Granted all the apps are different as to what they may throw up there for the profile skimmer to see. But all in all, isn't it about the pic? 

Would you get your profile pic professionally done?  Would it make a difference? See if the following video might convince you to get a real pic.

Now I would not go trusting every man in a cargo van that has a sign "Free Sex App Head Shots."  But maybe have a fun party and get your friends together and shoot some pics. Maybe have a good night out with the intent of getting that good head shot for your profile. 

What are your thoughts?

When you are looking to find the studs and avoid the duds, do you need a face pic?

Do you put your own face pic out there?

And if you don't, why not?

Is it necessary for you to have his face pic to chat?


h/t:  elitedaily.com

What do you think?