Timo Cavelius Made Gay History in Germany

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Move over Ronda Rousey, I have a new judo champion to obsess over. 

Years of hard work, routine and training finally paid off for 26-year-old judoka Timo Cavelius. Returning to Stuttgart’s German National Judo Championships for the third year in a row, the out athlete was able to pull off the big W against former champion Tim Gramkow. This accomplishment makes Cavelius the first out fighter in the Japanese martial arts discipline to hold the title.


Another moment for the gay history books!

Timo Cavelius fights in the 81kg/178lb class, which would technically make him a light heavyweight in most matches. Now a national champion in his home country, Germany, he also holds distinguished titles including Grand Prix Tblisi Champion in 2019 and European Championship U23 in 2018.


In the future, his goal is to compete in the Paris Olympics next year. If that were to happen, he’d make history again as the first out judoka to compete in the Olympics

Cavelius reportedly came out to his friends, family and teammates in 2020. 


He tells OutSports in a recent interview

I had a kind of pivotal experience when I spoke to our sports psychologist about my sexuality for the first time. Actually, we work with the psychologists to develop rituals and learn techniques for de-stressing in combat. When I told her about my gayness, she didn’t try to push me in any direction, but made it clear that the choice was entirely mine. And it was true: I could decide for myself how to deal with this matter. The fear of coming out came from me, I had overcome it with friends and family.

Gay marriage, same-sex adoption, blood donations and military/police service are all legal in Germany. It’s good to know that Timo can live his most honest life without fear of consequence, especially since he needs to concentrate on his next big match. 

I can’t wait to see what trophy this cutie adds to his collection next! 

Source: OutSports 


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