Smoking Hot Rugby Players Strip Down In Resurfaced 1980’s Ad

Credit: Pexels

It’s hard to believe that a Rugby League commercial featuring Tina Turner actually existed back in the day. Luckily we have the internet to thank for digging up this buried treasure featuring some of the hottest hunks to emerge out of the late 80’s.


Yes, a near 2-minute ad featuring the Grammy-winning legend that included a lot of near naked hockey players was once part of our television schedule in 1989. We aren’t sure who was the target audience here but there’s um, a lot of homoerotic behavior that occurs as the footage continued.

The men warmly embraced each other, posed in a sexy manner, gave smiles to the camera as if they are about to start something naughty with you and even shook their glorious booties all during the commercial. And yes, Tina was seen throughout as she lip synced one of her songs. Hope she got paid well for this.


Remind us who this was designed for again? Not sure, but, Happy Monday! 


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