Tis The Season To Be H*rny? Data Shows People Hook Up More During The Holidays

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Tis’ The Season To be H*rny?  

In recent years researchers began compiling data to analyze how often and when people search for sex online. For some reason, a 2017 article from Newsweek is making the rounds again, and someone shared it with me tonight. Turns out, according to their reporting, a study published in the Scientific Reports journal, shows people in 130 countries, inclusive of various religions, including Islam and Christianity, have highly raised libidos during the holidays.


For heterosexuals, one of the significant markers scientists used to gather data is the high number of new births that occur 9 months from Christmas. Reasons are unknown, but to speculate, maybe it’s the joy of the season that inundates us, and brings people closer together – literally, or perhaps it’s a desire to start a family at Christmas time by the association of the “Baby Jesus” story, which is at the center of the holiday itself.

Whatever the case, the journal’s findings are not limited to just hetero couples. According to Google analytics, everyone else, too, is actively engaged in searches for “sex” and sex-related topics during the winter holiday season, more so than any other time of the year.

For gay men, this is probably even more intensified as we have all seen very naughty interpretations of Santa popping up on our social media feeds around Christmas. Most are too hot to post here, but I’ll just say they definitely have led me down a rabbit hole or two of sexy Google searches where images are abundant of ripped, bearded Santas – reimagined, buffed with muscles, reaching into their overstuffed sacks to pull out a package. 

Yup, I know, that was cliché,’ but it is what it is, so jingle those bells all winter long baby and enjoy!

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