TJ Osbourne Shatters The Glass Ceiling At The 2021 CMA Awards

While the CMA’s earlier this week showcased the best of country music and blow the roof off performances (Jennifer Hudson performing a medley of Aretha Franklin’s country songs with the marvelous Chris Stapleton had the crowd on their feet during the whole performance), but the Brothers Osbourne emotional performance and subsequent receipt of the 2021 CMA Award for Vocal Duo was not just a defining moment for TJ Osbourne (who came out publicly last February in Time Magazine), but for the LGBTQ community as a whole, who now may be finally seeing a space for themselves in the country music stratosphere, long known for an ultra-conservative viewpoint. 


TJ Osbourne (the first openly gay musician signed to a major country label) performed the emotional song ‘Younger Me’ along with brother John Osbourne, where he introduced the song by speaking about his own personal journey saying “For many years I would watch this show year after year,” Osborne said. “I dreamed of being up here on this stage. There were so many things that were hurdles for me. I always felt, truthfully felt like it would never be possible because of my sexuality … to be here. And I wish my younger me could see me now.” ‘Younger Me’ is a powerful and emotional song that speaks to not just TJ Osbourne’s journey, but so many other people who have struggled in the LGBTQ community. (Check out their stirring performance here).The lyrics read in part; 

Younger me

Overthinking, losing sleep at night

Contemplating if it’s worth the fight


If he only knew he’d be alright

Yeah, younger me

As he and brother John were announced as the 2021 CMA Vocal Duo of The Year, they rose from their seats and TJ firmly planted a kiss on boyfriend Abi Ventura During his speech, TJ Osbourne said “to have all of you support me, it really does feel like Love Wins tonight” to which he and his brother John received a thunderous standing ovation. When he spoke to Entertainment Tonight, Osbourne said “I was like, ‘I hope this doesn’t make anyone uncomfortable, but this is how I feel,’” he told ET. “I love this person, and I want to be open in every way.”

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8 thoughts on “TJ Osbourne Shatters The Glass Ceiling At The 2021 CMA Awards”

  1. What a awesome duo, TJ I’m so proud of you for coming out, as for your brother, thanks for supporting TJ , you are a brother I wish I had in my life .

  2. Don’t care what you do with your life that’s between you and GOD but don’t like having to see it. It’s disgusting and judgement day is coming

    • No wonder you’re so frustrated. Even in your own comment you’re arguing with yourself. Either have the balls to own your opinion or keep the whining to yourself.

      Remember when people used to write what you just wrote about interracial marriage? You’re seriously not better than this…?

  3. Thank you for your expression. I’m a gay man in my late fifties having come out late in life. I was in my early thirties which seems very late compared to today’s acceptance. The thought of being rejected is still something haunting. I appreciate you and your courage.

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  5. Being queer is his own business, but seeing what the public had to see at the CMA’s was beyond disgusting. I may not watch the CMA’s if they’re going to allow this nauseating behavior. Most right-minded folks don’t want to see this crap. Keep it in the bedroom where it belongs.


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