“To Finish A Story, You Have To Know Where Everyone Is Headed”-Dan Levy Is Game For A “Schitt’s Creek” Spinoff

Many fans are still reeling from the fact that the multiple Emmy-winning Schitt’s Creek has aired its final episode, but they are also comforted by the fact that the sixth and final season (surprise!) dropped on Netflix over the weekend. While we can still enjoy the Rose family and their small town antics as a weekend binge, we are all looking around and starting to ask-do the masterful comedic minds of creators Eugene & Dan Levy have more stories to tell about the beloved and multi-layered Rose family? 


Dan Levy said to Oprah Magazine “As a writer, you feel like…should the whole thing be a dream? And I think that’s why you get those huge concept finales because it’s very scary to decide how something should end.” Spinning off beloved characters can be a risk; but Levy seems up to the challenge. When asked if he would consider a spin off, he simply chirped “Sure!” He went on to say cautiously “I think in order to finish your story you have to know where people are going next, so I do know where everyone is headed. There’s a thousand different avenues I just think it’s about, is it the right time? Do we think we could give it justice? Do we think it would be the same quality of what the show was? And the answer is… I don’t know.”


Levy did however, share a bit of sage advice he learned from one of the most inspirational voices in the world; “This is something I learned from Oprah” he discloses. “Whatever you do, make it of quality. The one thing I told everybody was that I don’t want to rush into anything. I don’t want to make any decisions that are propelled by my ego because I feel like people won’t remember me, or my name will slip from the news. In order to get Schitt’s Creek going, I had to make the same decision.”

All six season of “Schitt’s Creek” are currently streaming on Netflix

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