To Wong Foo Being Released With Unseen Footage

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Get In The Car Ladies, We’re Going to Snydersville

It’s been 24 years since the release of the legendary gay film, To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar! Of course you know this movie, it’s the one where three drag queens venture to Los Angeles and get stuck in a country bumpkin town along the way. I remember first being introduced to this movie during my freshman year of college. The gays in my Gay and Lesbian Studies course were gagged upon hearing I had no idea what it was even about. I watched this movie and immediately fell in love with everything about it. This is a gay film done correctly, which sometimes in modern era we see how much they fall flat (I’m looking at you, Another Gay Movie).

To Wong Foo had an all star cast of Wesley Snipes, John Leguizamo, RuPaul, Stockard Channing, and mega hottie Patrick Swayze. It was so obvious from the start the movie was going to be a major success. The values and themes of the film are still current in today’s society: We can all get along if we try to see the good in everyone’s hearts.  I think the new generation of young drag fans (thanks to RuPaul’s Drag Race) are going to marvel in their introduction to this film. Even better, it’s being rereleased with unseen footage!

According to Shout Factory, the May 2019 release of To Wong Foo will have commentary by Leguizamo, director Beeban Kidron, and writer Douglas Carter Beane, deleted scenes, theatrical trailers, and more! Count me in!

You can pick up the rerelease of To Wong Foo on May 28th or preorder here!

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