Todd Gloria Earns Major Endorsements For San Diego Mayor

Todd Gloria / Image via Instagram @toddgloria

A California Assemblyman is trying to become the first openly gay man and person of color as mayor of San Diego.

Back in January, Todd Glora, who’s a former San Diego city councilmember and a Democratic state assemblymember, announced that he was running for San Diego mayor in 2020.


“It’s clear that San Diego needs strong, experienced and progressive leadership in the Mayor’s Office – leadership that has the courage to take our city beyond business as usual and solve the long-standing problems that have faced our city. That’s why I’m running for Mayor,” Gloria said in the announcement video. “San Diego may be America’s Finest City, but we should strive to be more than just fine. We should dare to be great.”

Gloria has plenty of experience for the role given that he served as interim mayor in 2013 after the resignation of Bob Filner. In addition, he serves as the majority whip in the State Assembly.

Plus, Gloria is continuing to work on legislation for the state of California such as a bill to increase the supply of middle-class housing in California

Since his announcement to run, the openly gay man of Filipino, Puerto Rican, and Native American heritage has earned several endorsements such as one by Representative Susan Dais who said the following in February:


“Todd Gloria is the leader San Diego needs in its next mayor,” said Davis, whose district encompasses much of the City of San Diego. “I have seen first-hand his dedication to public service and I know that with him at the helm, the City of San Diego will inspire, innovate, and achieve new heights. It is with great pride that I endorse Todd to be San Diego’s next mayor.”

Honored by this announcement, Gloria sent his thanks.

“There are few endorsements more humbling than that of Congresswoman Davis,” said Gloria. “She is someone I have looked up to and taught me what it means to serve. I’m honored to have her endorsement and I hope to make her and all of San Diego proud as their next mayor.”


Then last week, Todd Gloria earned an endorsement by the Equality California Executive Director Rick Zbur, according to the Bay Area Reporter.

“Todd Gloria will be a mayor who fights for every San Diegan, in every community,” Equality California Executive Director Rick Zbur stated in an announcement released early Friday morning. “Throughout his career, Todd has championed civil rights and social justice for the LGBTQ community and worked tirelessly to give all Californians a shot at success. We’re ready to make history in 2020.”

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