Todric Hall Takes His Talent Up The iTunes Charts

We love it when a family member achieves success.  From his Season 9 audition for American Idol to his most recent statement on his Facebook page today:

1 million views in one day! If you haven’t already PLEASE download “LOW” on iTunes and share this video with your friend, fans and followers.

Yes. It’s Todrick Hall. He’s the one that has me saying Straight Outta Oz May Be The Most Creative Thing I’ve Seen All Year. That was July of 2016, but I think I may be able to repeat myself again.

When one stumbles upon the best piece of entertainment they have seen all year, it’s only polite to share it with the world.  That’s how I feel about Straight Outta Oz by Todrick Hall. 

We’ve been piecemealing Todrick’s phenomenal creation to you over the past month with stories like Todrick Hall & Jay Armstrong Johnson Are Beautiful In “Color”Todrick Hall’s “Expensive” Ft. Willam, Kim Chi, Alaska, Mariah, & Laganja, and Todrick Hall Releases ‘Wizard Of Oz’ Themed “Wrong B*tch”.  They are all great and amazing on their own, but when you see them all together, it is phenomenal. 

A couple of weekends ago I came home to my roommates loading up Straight Outta Oz on the AppleTV. I really do like Todrick Hall as a performer and have enjoyed listening to his creations in the past so I joined in.  I did not know I was going to get my mind blown. – me, July 2016

I’ll share the new and improved deluxe edition of Straight Outta Oz in a second, but the video that has been receiving a great deal of traction and views is “LOW.”, just a piece of the whole delicious cookie and you’re gonna love it.


Is this the first real dance hit of 2017?  To be honest I cannot remember a new upbeat tune that has me having so much fun like “LOW.” 

Also on his Facebook page, Todrick stated:

“I’ve been out of Kinky Boots for two weeks, and in that time my crew and I shot 8 videos, premiered my first film at SXSW and flew to NYC yesterday for the TDF Concert on Broadway. So happy to share with you my new and improved visual album. Thanks to everyone who helped make this dream a reality. We are now in the top 25 of iTunes. Check it out and come see us on tour.” –

So if you missed my post last year about the best thing that has hit my eyes in a long time, here is Straight Outta Oz in all of its amazing glory. It is a little over an hour long, pop the popcorn and pee now you will get sucked in.


And if you can’t remember Todrick’s audition for American Idol, we’re posting it here so you can see he was so talented way back then.


Bst of luck and here’s to more success. 

We have two tickets to your show in Fort Lauderdale.  See you then!


Taken from Straight Outta Oz (Deluxe Edition):
Straight Outta Oz LIVE in Concert:

Featuring RuPaul
Makeup by Miss Fame
Costumes by Christopher Palu

Dorothy: Brittanie Brant
Scarecrow: Chester Lockhart
Tinman: Jamie Bennett
Lion: Jojo Guadagno

Follow Todrick:

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