Todrick Hall Drops New MV For “F*G”

Screenshot via YouTube @todrickhall

Is this a step forward or a step back?

Todrick Hall is back with a new music video and this one is even more incendiary than the last. While we’re still shaking our hips to “Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels,” Hall was busy working on his next single and video. You’d think he wouldn’t have the time seeing as he just finished a quick turn on Broadway’s Waitress not too long ago and is gearing up for a tour in the not too far future. But, Todrick Hall is a busy man, and he’s now released a video to reclaim anti-gay slur. Namely, “F*g.”


The message behind Hall’s song and music video “F*G” is to not be beaten down by hate. After all, “They called me F*g / Now I’m the one with the bag / They called me Bitch / Now look who famous and rich.”

Hall’s words speak of rising above the flames of hate and to shoot back some heat through self-excellence.

“They threw their stones and now they’re begging for loans / They threw their sticks and now they’re riding my dick,” he sings.

Screenshot via YouTube @todrickhall

Certainly, this song’s lyrics, message, and visuals will incite several reactions. Many good and many bad. Frankly, should we be trying to reclaim the word “f*g?” Is it equivalent to LGBTQ people’s reclaiming of the word queer? That itself has incited a mixed bag of reactions, so we’re sure Hall’s song and music video will do the same.

And it seems this song isn’t the last of Hall’s controversial and proud music. “F*G” is the second single released from Hall’s album Haus Party Pt.2, and a third part is apparently on the way.

“Oh yeah, it’s a trilogy bitch, and they’re coming out very, very soon,” the multidisciplinary YouTube star told audiences in a video. “And the music is gagatrocious okay.”

While we sit here and contemplate what Hall might have up his sleeve, go ahead and watch the video below. Then tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

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  1. The word “sticks” doesn’t rhyme with the word “dick”.
    Cute song that will be quickly forgotten because it is has no substance.


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