Todrick Hall Presents Twerkalicious New Video ‘All That Azz’

Just when we thought twerkin’ was put to rest… THIS!


Viral video sensation Todrick Hall is at it again, this time, in a twerk-tastic riff on the classic number from Chicago, All That Jazz.

Prepare your eyes. We’re warning you: there’s a lot of booty!





If we all must keep twerking like it’s the first day of the month and the rent is due, can we at least get an all male version of this? THAT is something we can get behind!

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10 thoughts on “Todrick Hall Presents Twerkalicious New Video ‘All That Azz’”

  1. I’m very disappointed in this

    I'm very disappointed in this video. I've always been a fan of Todrick Hall, but it seems with this video he is abandoning who is in order to conform to society's beliefs on how a "real" man should behave.

  2. There is no denying that this

    There is no denying that this young man is a great singer…..however the concept was not original…..and somewhat boring.  In this day and age of "twerking"… really need to take it to the next level….however this video did not.  Furthermore… really ruined a good song, that did not need a ghetto-fyed remix! His talent is better than this video and hopefully his management can make better decisions for his career!

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  5. i stopped watching after 8

    i stopped watching after 8 seconds….is awful and i dont want it to interfere with my memory of Catheine Zeta Jones in Chicago.


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