Todrick Hall Reacts to Backlash on GoFundMe Page for His Family

Todrick Hall created a GoFundMe page for his family at the beginning of April, which aims to help raise funds for his entire family to get back on their feet after their house burnt down.

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Hall noted that he was initially hesitant to do so, however, his fans “convinced” him that it was better than releasing merch. On the GoFundMe page, the 39-year-old singer and rapper detailed what happened to his family home, writing:


“A few weeks ago I got a FaceTime call from my little brother… I almost didn’t answer because I was in a work meeting, but my brother knows I’m not a FaceTime guy and it was very abnormal for him to call me multiple times back to back. I answered the call to him screaming and freaking out the house was burning down. He was home alone and trying to call my parents and no one was answering.”

At the time, Hall’s mother was in Los Angeles with him, and she was “very devastated” after hearing the news. Thereafter, the singer received criticism for creating the page. The goal was initially $10,000, which was reportedly achieved and continues to increase.

On the GoFundMe page, Hall further explained that he already helped his family “where I can, but I can’t get the entire family back on their feet at this moment as I’m transitional period myself” after the pandemic and strikes last year.

However, he had what seemed to be a “swanky birthday party”, and people are criticizing him for it. Aside from that, he has also been receiving homophobic and racist messages. On an Instagram post, Hall posted a few screenshots of the online abuse, and also defended himself amidst the backlash.


“I hate that I even have to respond to this,” he wrote on the caption. 

Meanwhile, on his statement, the recording artist clarified that he “would NEVER spend money that my fans raised during a traumatic time for my family on a birthday party.” He explained that the party was “either gifted or sponsored,” and was organized by someone very close to him, who “wanted to celebrate me on my birthday and going away party.”

You can see Hall’s full post and statement here:


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