Tom Brady Caught With His Pants Down. Advertising Stunt? We Don’t Mind

Image from Twitter @Bradybrand

Is Gisele Bündchen a lucky woman? Maybe we can say yeah or nay after seeing Tom Brady in his undies.

Forty one year old Supermodel Bündchen shared a pretty private video of her 44-year old husband this Monday.  Super Bowl Champ is seen in one of his many bathrooms while wearing just a lovely pair of bulging boxer briefs.


We wonder if Brady is as shy in the locker room as he appears to be in the comfort of his own home as he’s seen trying to hide behind a hand towel as his wife zooms in on the shiny and very full boxer briefs.

“What is this? Let me see. Let me see your underwear. Is that Brady Brand underwear?”


Brady has always been fashionable, but we’ve mainly seen his attire while walking to and from the stadiums. Now, he’s pushing his #BetterinBrady (get your minds out of the gutter). 

He’s enlisted the help of some handsome models to help promote @bradybrand, one of them being Matthew Noszka, who also has his own fitness company.



We wish Brady the best of luck in the undies biz, but let’s not be so afraid to show it off Tom.

Source: People

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  1. So, yeah, there was a bulge since he has male genitalia. Nothing special going on there. Just an average guy with a dick.


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