Tom Brusse Confesses He Could Have Sex With A Man —Again

Tom Brusse / Instagram

Spanish TV star and reality show veteran Tom Brusse has revealed he recently tried sex with another man for the first time. The 29-year old actor confidently addressed his newly announced experience over the weekend on the Spanish show Sunday Deluxe.

Fearlessly when asked outright by one interviewer if “he had ever had any sexual relationship with another man,” he responded, “I like to try everything. I try everything and see what I like and what I don’t like.”


It’s always refreshing to see someone who isn’t afraid of trying new things or revealing their scandalous exploits to the public. But the bigger question I had when reading this story was, did he like the man-on-man action?

Well, according to Queerty, Brusse’s response to that question straddles the fence a bit. Reportedly, he teased his gay fans all around the world further by replying, “I’m not going to say I didn’t like it.”


Then seemingly letting the public know he’s a Top —if it goes there, he added,

“The sensation was not different from the penetration of a woman.”

Well, if those steamy admissions from the hunky Latin actor didn’t rile up the boys enough, the interviewer finally asked Brusse the ultimate question, for those of us with inquiring minds: Would he have sex with a man again? Slyly Brusse, whose TV credits include La isla de las tentaciones and La última cena – answered:

“If it happens, it happens.”  


That’s Caliente! And just in case Tom Brusse is pondering a part two to that experience…let me just say, YO ESTOY AQUI Y LISTO!

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3 thoughts on “Tom Brusse Confesses He Could Have Sex With A Man —Again”

  1. more gay-bating…. got it.

    Sometimes I hate this community so much. We’ve created this hyper-sexualized stereotype, and these days it’s really gotten toxic. Like straight men now feel the need to please the public by admitting they’ve dabbled in gay sex? Why the fuck do we care?

    I need more inspirational stories of the LGBT people who come out of deep religious brainwashing or other societal oppression, who have the courage to openly admit they feel they don’t deserve love, and how they’re working on it. We need to hole each other up…

    What I don’t need are more picture perfect straight men dabbling with bi-sexuality and getting praised for it like they’ve achieved some new level of maturity. 🙄


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