Tom Cruise Bans Nicole Kidman From Son’s Wedding

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“What Tom Wants Is As Good As The Law”

In some form, aren’t we all a little terrified of the Church of Scientology? If you watched actress Leah Remini’s scathing docuseries about the religion, you’d be a bit nervous about the topic. What appears as a new religion founded in 1952 seems to be more of a cult.


I often see a reference from the South Park episode where they explored Scientology, making a mockery out of it in the process. Former voice actor on the show, Isaac Hayes, was so angry about the animated depiction he quit the show shortly after the episode aired. Funny enough, mega hottie Tom Cruise was also this episode due to being arguably the most recognizable Scientologist and, well, the episode claimed Cruise to be gay from start to finish. Titled “Trapped in the Closet”, the questionable religion and many rumors about Cruise’s sexuality were at the forefront. Cruise has been vocal about his dedication to his religion in the past and it’s now preventing his former love from attending her son’s wedding.

According to The Daily Mail, Cruise has banned his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, from attending her adopted son’s wedding. Yes, a parent – is not allowed to her son’s wedding, a child who she raised, because she is no longer a Scientologist. Their children, Connor and Isabella Cruise (Pictured below), are both devoted Scientologists still within the community. Isabella got married before and Kidman was also not in attendance. Now, Connor is marrying an Italian girl who is deemed a “scientologist princess”, so it’s common they don’t want any doubters around them. Can you imagine Kidman, who is known to be animated and sarcastic, rolling her eyes during the ceremony?


Yet, it gets a little hazier. Allegedly, it isn’t Kidman. It’s Tom himself. A source claims Tom is in full control and “what he wants is as good as the law.” Umm, that’s rather intimidating. Kidman, as far as 2018, still loves her adopted children regardless and tries to keep their going-ons private. In an interview with Who Magazine, she told:

“I’m very private about all that. I have to protect all those relationships. I know 150 per cent that I would give up my life for my children because it’s what my purpose is.”

I find the whole situation rather sad. I related to this story on a level of someone a part of the LGBTQ community, because there’s been situations where we haven’t been invited to family event because of our sexuality. It’s kind of like my cousin telling me she doesn’t want me attending her right-wing, Republican wedding next month because I hold hands with boys. It’s clear Kidman would attend if given the chance, but to have an entire religion against you, especially one of the heads of it, is a little scary.

But, yet, here I sit sighing because Tom Cruise is still a bonafide babe in every sense. Like, who hasn’t watched the below GIF of him standing up in the film Valkyrie over and over again? Someone pick my jaw up off the floor, please.


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  1. Tom is crazy and I have boycotted anything he has been in since Mission Impossible 3. Scientology is a cult. Stay the hell away from it.


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