Tom Daley: How To Have The Bum You’ve Always Wanted

The world has paid a LOT of attention to the backside of Olympic diver Tom Daley. A LOT. 


Well, now the 24-year-old athlete from the UK is sharing his secrets to a better beach bum in a new six-minute video on his YouTube. 

“You’re going to feel an isolated burn in your gluten by now, but that’s ok – when you’re on the beach everyone’s going to be admiring your bum,” says Daley at the top of the clip.

Daley captions the workout video on YouTube with this challenge: “This workout is just 6 minutes long, but you will feel the burn and get you on the way to having the beach bum you’ve always wanted! NO EQUIPMENT, NO EXCUSES!”




Along the way Daley offers lots really solid advice on exercise technique as well as slow motion video so you get a really, really good look at what he’s doing.

Did we mention the slow-motion part?

Daley offered this tasty slo-mo tease on his Instagram:



Daley, an avid fitness enthusiast, has posted several workout videos on his YouTube channel here.


And clearly the diving champ knows he's a thirst trap. He previously shared a butt workout two years ago. We didn't miss that one either.

Follow his tips and maybe you, too, can get a butt like this:

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