Tom Daley Opens Up About His Sexuality And Labels

Athlete Tom Daley says he’s “not 100 percent gay” and would prefer a different label.


Last December, tv writer and producer Dustin Lance Black opened up about his relationship with the British Olympic diver and said that they’ve had their rocky moments.

"Our relationship is far from perfect. We have really tough times and struggles."

Black added onto the topic by talking about Daley’s sexuality. Passing it off as a bit of a joke and a bit of scandalous gossip, Dustin Lance Black said:

"I don’t know if I’ll be in trouble for this; his head still turns for girls."


Daley later explained that he’s primarily interested in men, but that he does still look at women.

“I always knew that I liked guys. I just thought it was a normal thing to like guys but then also appreciate girls’ attention too. I didn’t know that there was a strict rule, you must like one or the other.”

He added:

“I don’t really identify as any of that. Because at the end of the day, I’m married to a guy. So in theory that would make me gay, but I wouldn’t necessarily put a label on it.”


Now, Daley is opening up more about his sexuality and letting us all know what label he prefers.

In a recent interview with The Times, Daley shares that the label gay doesn’t work for him. He’d much rather go with queer.


“The word a lot of people are using now is queer, instead of labelling yourself as lesbian, gay or transsexual.”

“Queer is, like, a better word,” he said.

“People say, ‘You like boys,’ but I’ve liked girls too. My generation shouldn’t feel the need to be labelled; we are too obsessed by gender.

“I am not 100 percent straight, I’m not 100 percent gay, I’m just queer. My generation, I think, are more fluid.”

This isn’t to say that Daley is afraid of being called gay. Its just that he feels queer is more suiting.

“I was worried when I came out that I was going to be labelled as the gay diver rather than a great diver. Now I don’t care, it’s forced me to be more open,” he said.

No matter what, its every person’s right to call themselves whatever label they want. If Tom Daley wants to be referred to as queer, while still supporting LGBTQ rights, then so be it.



9 thoughts on “Tom Daley Opens Up About His Sexuality And Labels”

  1. Why are we so hung up on labels. Just let the guy alone. We do not have to have a label for every degree of sexuality.

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  3. If you like both exes say

    If you like both exes say bisexual. Probably this is why Gus has become more prominent than Tom.

  4. Jesus Christ! People get so

    Jesus Christ! People get so wound up…and they don't like labels…and then they do like labels, but not the ones that are out there. But, and then…OH JUST JUST UP! It's called bisexuality. Why you gotta make this so fricken dramatic Tom!?

  5. Been with a guy over 30 years

    Been with a guy over 30 years  have done all kinds of sex, live with same person …but some girls turn my head still to this day….so I guess my preference is queer as Tom calls it


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  7. ehh been in a LTR in a guy

    ehh been in a LTR in a guy for over 30 years but some girls still turn my head and  yes did all kinds of guy sex

  8. In the United States we used

    In the United States we used to hear about “college lesbians” who were lesbians while in school and then married men. When I spent summers in England in the mid 90’s, people would joke about young gay men being gay until it was time to settle down. I don’t know if statistically gay men in England being gay until it is time to settle down proves true (it probably doesn't’), it may explain why he lives in a gay world while claiming he still “fancies” girls. It’s also been his claim all along.


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