Tom Daley Tells Us Why His Speedos Are So Tiny.

We never thought to question Tom Daley on the size of his … um … swimsuit, but apparently the subject came up on a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show.  I mean, when there's perfection, there's perfection.  Why ask why?

When Team GB unveiled their new Olympic strip last month, it’s fair to say that all eyes were on Tom Daley and his teeny, tiny swimming trunks.

Let’s just say there isn’t an awful lot of material involved in the 21-year-old’s semi-indecent, Stella McCartney-designed Rio kit.

But now Tom has finally explained the very (ahem) technical reason why his trunks are so small when he was asked about them during an interview on this week’s ‘Graham Norton Show’.

“They have to be small because everything has to stay in place,” Tom explained.

“If you’re spinning around the last thing you want to do is have something come out of place!  And when you hit the water you don’t want things flapping about because it would hurt.”

Flapping about.  –



So wait, he wears small trunks so things don't flop out? 

I think it's time for some bigger swimming trunks, don't you?



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