Tom Daley Upset After Naughty Photo Leak

Tom Daley reportedly has a nude photo leak.

British gossip site The Sun has been sharing the news that the former Olympic swimmer has, unwillingly, had a few choice pictures spread online (Site NSFW).

The tabloid says that the selfies were taken back in 2016 when Daley was modeling the pics for his significant other in a “secret relationship.”

The Suns’s “source” says:

“The pictures are old. From 2016, way before Tom and Lance were married.”

“They are from a time where they split for a few months, which they have both talked about previously, but they reunited.”



Tom, who admits to having flings and online sessions with other men during the couple’s break, says a similar scandal won’t happen again.

“This will absolutely never happen again now that we’re getting married.

“Lance and I had time apart then came back together, realizing we’re meant for each other. We’re soulmates.”

It seems that Daley has a team of lawyers looking into the photo leak who say they want the pictures taken down.

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