Tom Daley’s Been Secretly Filming A Documentary About Surrogacy And Fatherhood

This past June, Olympic diver Tom Daley and tv producer Dustin Lance Black became first-time fathers to a lovely baby boy named Robbie Ray.


The two fathers were gifted with Robbie Ray through surrogacy and now Daley shares that he’ll be exploring the world and law of surrogacy through a tv film for the BBC.

According to The Sun, Daley will travel between the UK, the US, and undisclosed countries where surrogacy is illegal.

Not only will Daley document the surrogacy process, but he will compare the systems in both the UK and the US.

In addition, the film will show Daley and his husband discussing the challenges they faced while on the journey to meeting their son.


Back when they announced that they were going to have a baby through surrogacy, Daley and Black faced an onslaught of homophobic abuse online. Many religious-inclined homophobes rejected the idea of two men raising a baby and doing so through surrogacy. This may play a part in the discussion held in this documentary.


According to the Independent, Tom McDonald, the head of commissioning, natural history, and specialist factual at the BBC, spoke about the program:

“Surrogacy is one of the most complex issues in modern society and the laws which govern it are radically different across the world."

“As new fathers through surrogacy, Tom and Lance are both committed to exploring all of the nuances around this very emotive subject. I’m thrilled that Tom is going to be our guide in this deeply personal and intelligent film.”

So far, the untitled documentary is set to air sometime next year.

h/t: The Sun, The Independent

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