Tom Daley’s Husband Cleared of Assault Charges

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Believe the victim goes both ways.

Oscar Winner Dustin Lance Black, age 49, is off the hook after a judge in Westminster dismissed a lawsuit filed against him mid-trial. 


The filmmaker, who won numerous awards for Milk (2008), was listed as the defendant in an assault case stemming from an event in August 2022. 

Terry Edwardes alleged that Black spilled her drink and twisted her wrist “very hard” during an interaction in a Soho nightclub. 


Black, who wed Olympic Champion Tom Daley in 2017, had maintained his innocence throughout the entire debacle. On the flip side, he had stated that Edwardes was the aggressor, and she started the altercation by punching him in the back of the head and he was merely defending himself. 

Judge Louisa Ciecora threw out the case on November 8th citing inconsistent testimony and unclear evidence. Ciecora’s reasons for throwing out the lawsuit includes Edwardes retracting her statements on multiple occasions and the prime evidence, CCTV footage, being unusable due to inaccurate angle.


According to BBC, Judge Ciecora said: 

The plaintiff said in her evidence at one point that she could not remember a wrist grab. She then said that she was sure that it did happen – and that was an obvious contradiction.

In response to the lawsuit being dropped, Black told BBC:

This case has flown in the face of everything that I am. I am very grateful to the judge for exonerating me.


With this out of the way, now Dustin and Tom Daley, age 29, can go back to living their normal lives. An Oscar Winner and a 4x Olympic Champion – it’s a match made in gay heaven! Here’s hoping it doesn’t leave them with much emotional trauma. 

Obviously, I was not at the nightclub when the interaction between Black and Edwardes took place. However, I can imagine multiple ways in which one or both parties acted out of character due possible intoxication. Remember to always drink responsibly, folks! 


Source: BBC

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