Tom Daley’s Latest Thirst Trap Comes With A Third Leg

Images: Instagram @tomdaley

Tom Daley is showing it all off, and his Instagram followers are loving him for it.

It seems that Tom Daley really enjoys gymnastics. It does play a big part in diving, after all. And the Olympic bronze medal diver enjoys sharing pictures and videos of himself exercising or doing gymnastic moves. But it’s his latest Instagram upload that has fans and internet users doing a double-take.


As per usual, Daley posted a video of himself working out and doing a few gymnastic moves, but this video included a very special look at Daley.

Alright, let’s stop beating around the bush. While doing a handstand, Daley left nothing to imagine. It wasn’t just his legs that were hanging in the air, y’all. But again, it was Daley who posted the video, so he knows what’s up. Daley was completely aware of what he put out there. And it’s out there.


So, we might as well enjoy it together. Check it out.

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