Daley Loses His Undies During A Vacation In France

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Everyone deserves to have fun and cut loose whenever they want. Olympic diver Tom Daley was living his best vacation life in France when one wayyyyyy too overeager fan took things one step too far.

After a day of skiing the slopes in Cocorico, France the British gold medalist was out at a party with some friends having a great time. That led to some crowd surfing and Daley followed his friend’s lead. Did we mention he was in his underwear? We are not sure if this was an underwear-themed party, like the legendary Friday night underwear in Cherry Grove section of Fire Island. That being said no matter what you are wearing it is never ok for a stranger to pull your clothes off without your consent.


Daily Mail said onlookers mentioned that ‘He started stripping off in the corner of the club where he was seated with his pals and then began to crowd surf, everyone was loving it.


Daley was the only one whose underwear was pulled down which makes what happened ever worse.  We share the exact same sentiments, that crowd surfing in your underwear “already sounds like a recipe for sexual assault.”



There is video footage of the incident, which we will not be showing here since his underwear was pulled down without his consent. Multiple other outlets report that Daley was having a great night until one jerk ruined it. Do better next time, jerk.



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